double-retractable security barriers
double security barriers

Double Upright Security Barriers

Look no further than the Titan Double if you want to combine strength, good looks and surprisingly affordable quality. Like all premium security gates found on the market today, the Titan Double is constructed with a double row of 12mm square tubing making them robust and strong.

Titandor Double is constructed using special aluminium top and bottom inserts that offer unparalleled strength and longevity. Stainless steel roller bearings give the door a silky smooth operation and will never need servicing. We have low profile bottom tracks to help prevent tripping, no need to recess your floors unnecessarily.

Our security doors feature a double locking mechanism, one slam lock and one deadlock. A specially designed lock bar makes it difficult for prying tools and tampering. 4 rows of X style connecting braces on standard door heights give the door a stylish uncluttered appearance and the high quality powder coating doesn’t only give the door a modern look and feel but will also ensure that the door lasts far beyond the guarantee period.

Titandor Double

*     Sliding doors

*     Sliding stacking doors

*     French doors

*     Pivot doors

*     Hinge type front or kitchen doors

*     Security barrier in the passageway (safehaven applications)

*     Security barrier at the top or bottom of stairs

*     Patios and balconies

*     Shop fronts

*     Computer and server rooms

*     Any window where a sliding security barrier is required so as not to obstruct the view or where a fire escape is required.

*     Any other opening that will require a retractable security barrier.

*     Two separate locks for added strength.

*     One slamlock for an instant barrier in case of emergency.

*    One separate deadlock to make the door even tougher.

*    Two deadlocks if you prefer not to have slamlock.

*     unique lock channel to help to prevent against prying tools.

*     Top quality steel.

*     Finest anti corrosion process.

*     Polyester powder coating for u.v resistance and upmarket look and feel.

*     Double row of square tubing uprights.

*     Secured on all 4 sides for extra strength.

*     Aluminium top and bottom inserts for durability and reinforcement.

*     Stainless steel bearings for super smooth operation.

*     X style connecting braces for an elegant and uncluttered look.